About Sustainability Award

With special mention at the Suppliers Excellence Awards, the Sustainability Award pays tribute to the top performing suppliers in the implementation of projects aiming at Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility, in addition to actions with significant results for the improvement of environment and people's quality of life.

As opposed to the remaining categories, which will be assessed based on their performance during the year, suppliers competing in the Sustainability area will be chosen based on the assessment of projects submitted in according to the regulation.

The supplier company will be able to compete with 1 project for each subject: "Environment" and "Social Responsibility", considering one or more subjects listed below:


Environmental management
Water consumption
Waste management
Greenhouse gas emissions management (GHG)
Atmospheric emissions management
Sustainable construction
Climate changes
Recovery of degraded areas
Remediation of contaminated areas
Sustainable solutions


Relationship with the community
Diversity Management inside or outside of the company
Education / development programs for society and / or internal public
Management of social projects / Promotion of Social Inclusion (People with Disabilities)
Programs that promote a "work-life balance"
Corporate volunteer program
Programs and Governance (ethics, corruption, fair competition, money laundering, child labor, slave labor, transparency)


The Sustainability Award demands the development of a presentation project. Before signing up, check out our regulation step by step.

Download Regulation


  • Honorable Mention Trophies for the winners of the awards in Environment and Social Responsibility
  • CNH Industrial’s Digital Seal Merit, of with the registration of the Award and the reference year
  • Announcement of the award via the communication media
  • Honorable mention boards for the 2 finalists of each theme
  • All competing companies will receive a certificate of participation